Welcome to O’Connell Organic Acres

O’Connell Organic Acres is located in the rolling hills of the Bankston farming community in Eastern Iowa. The farm has been in the O’Connell family for over 150 years, making it a Heritage Farm of Iowa. Sustainable farming has always been an important component of the O’Connell’s farming practices. The farm is roughly 560 acres of land, of which, over 300 acres is farmed under a rotation of row crops, small grains and hay. The remaining acres are comprised of timber and rotational pasture for the cattle and chickens.



Family is one of nature’s masterpieces

John & Peri live on the farm in the house that was built in 1901. They are the 5th generation of the family to be farming the O’Connell ground. John & Peri have 5 children, 2 of which, Chris and Kevin, work on the farm full time. Chris and Kevin are the 6th generation on the farm and are happy to continue the family farming tradition. Chris and his wife, Amy, have 2 young boys who enjoy coming out and spending time visiting the animals, helping their dad and riding on the tractors. Kevin & Jade live in another home on the farm, and are expecting their first child. Though only Chris and Kevin work on the farm full time, all the children and grandchildren enjoy coming to the farm, helping with chores, taking gator rides, and spending time with John and Peri.


Our Premium Products


Our goal is to produce top-quality organic crops and meat through holistic farm management and husbandry.  It is our hope that you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy providing them to consumers.



100% organic Grass-Fed from start to finish.


Our hogs are raised with access to pastures and supplemented with organic grain.


Our chickens are raised on pasture and supplemented with organic grain.


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