How Our Chickens Are Raised

At just a day old, chicks come to live at the farm under heat lamps for a few weeks until they are ready to transition to outdoor living conditions. Once chicks are well established to the indoor/outdoor climate, they are permanently housed to a moveable chicken coop out in a pasture. There, the chickens spend days foraging on a rotated pasture until they are finished out at approximately 10 weeks. 

We Proudly Raise the Freedom Ranger Chicken Breed

Our Freedom Ranger birds are shipped in from Pennsylvania. We prefer these birds because they have a slower rate of growth, which results in healthier bone structure and less leg problems. They are also naturally good grazers and foragers. The meat has a firmer texture and robust flavor, which can be attributed to the daily exercise they get from foraging all day. We love using the chickens in partnership with the cattle, because the chickens benefit from the increased insect population after the cattle are moved out of the pasture.


Health Benefits of Pasture-Raised Chicken

  • Rich in vitamins & minerals

  • Vitamins A, B, & D

  • High in potassium